Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Overcoming or suffering through

So, I'm in Italy. In a village. In the mountains. Skiing. And basically, I'm scared to death most of the time. I wouldn't claim skiing to be one of my best qualities, or like, even a quality I posses
at all. Probably here for my brother, being the ski pro he is.
Being here also makes me think about how privileged I am. The majority of the people haven't been abroad, but here I am, in Italy for like the 12th time in my life, planning my London trip in April.
The title of this post aims at me being scared to ski but doing it anyways. And wether I'm overcoming my silly anguish or just suffering through is still a mystery to me.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Virgin Suicides

I´ve seen the movie Virgin Suicides like, four times now, and it´s my favourite (along side Rocky Horror) movie, of all time. So I bought the book today. Had never heard of the author Jeffrey Eugenides before, so reading it will be very interesting. In the other hand I´m holding the letter. And I´m finished with the letter to Ibe!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Grrrl power

This is a girl power playlist of mine, made it up while thinking about sisterhood. I received a letter from Antonia and it was like one of the happiest moments ever. It was really amazing, I felt a bit ashamed of my own handwriting though, since she had such an amazing one. She truly is the coolest and I´m so glad I´ve found her.
Being the technical dummie I am, I have no idea what so ever how you do a 8tracks mix, but if anyone feels for doing a mix out of this drawing, feel free to! I´d honestly be honoured.

Sony rx100

So, I basically had this amazing day today. I met up with my wonderful Godfather and we went shopping craft stuff and magazines. It was amazing. When I later was on my way home from a friend I had this GOTTA CAPTURE THIS MOMENT moment. It was really wonderful and these five photos coming here is the unedited result of that moment. I really like the look of them and they all look pretty much exactly how I intended them to look. I´d love to hear you opinion on them.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

One of the best

Sorry if I come a cross as the biggest Rookie lunatic ever (in the bad way), you know always writing about it. But it really just is too good to be true. This one photo-story is probably, no, it is the best one I´ve ever seen. So if you haven´t seen it, you really should now. ---> <3
And here you go, a kinda old pic of me in my DEATH cap.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Liljevalchs Art Gallery and The Hills

Today has been the weirdest of days. My class and I went to this contemporary art gallery (real big one) as a field trip for the art history, we went to the historical one last week. It was part-wise really good, but most of it felt a little stiff. Then when I got home I got stuck in front of The Hills. That´s like the weirdest show ever. Love and hate it at the same time.
This is some photos I took there, I have no idea whom´s attending the first one, but the others shows my friend Klara in a not very beautiful way. But i really find them both charming!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My adolescent pains

So now I´m a 9th grader ( we start a year later in Sweden), so I guess that makes me a sophomore and I´m miserable. I really wonder when this "teenage anxiety" ends, and I should start to worry there´s something wrong with my mental health. Of course, it´s maybe not a such big of a deal as I make it sound like, I don´t think I´m depressed, but it really do suck being me at the moment. Not entirely, love my penpals and you should really check out Antonias blog,  but OH how I wish I was on a road trip in an foreign country.
I know this isn´t the happiest of posts.

Taken from my Tumblr WWFKD?

Monday, 18 February 2013

Tavi, you speak only the truth

Seen this video like four times the last couple of days. Tavi truly is the smartest of people, and I want to hug her and never ever let go cause what she says is so true. When she talks about teenage girls being angry on themselves for not being easy to understand, I almost stood up in front of the computer yelling THAT´S ME THAT´S ME at it

The horrid day of mine

Today was the worst, it really was. I almost want to cry when I think about it. And in the middle of it all my phone battery dies, so I haven´t had any good music either. 
But in all this teenage drama, I´m so ridiculously happy about my internet friends. My penpal in Germany (!) today wrote she got my letter! And is wearing the earring i sent! Makes me so happy. 

Disco inferno top - can you see it´s kinda sparkly?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

First times

I´ve never blogged on blogspot, never blogged in english, never been a part of an online art collective and never been contributing to an online mag. So I hope this will turn out alright. Really hope I don´t come across as annoying or whatever, for blogging in english. You might think I´m that little swedish schoolgirl thinking she´s such big fish for doing it in english. Well, whatever.

Visit The Wandering Collective, which is this amazing feminist art collective, I contribute to it and absolutely adore all the others doing it as well. Trust me, you´ll freakin´love it.

A happy pic just for you. Jesus, don´t be such an narcissist.