Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Overcoming or suffering through

So, I'm in Italy. In a village. In the mountains. Skiing. And basically, I'm scared to death most of the time. I wouldn't claim skiing to be one of my best qualities, or like, even a quality I posses
at all. Probably here for my brother, being the ski pro he is.
Being here also makes me think about how privileged I am. The majority of the people haven't been abroad, but here I am, in Italy for like the 12th time in my life, planning my London trip in April.
The title of this post aims at me being scared to ski but doing it anyways. And wether I'm overcoming my silly anguish or just suffering through is still a mystery to me.

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  1. YAY I LOVE ITALY and i love the first picture <33


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