Friday, 15 March 2013

Catcher in the Rye

I have like really mixed feelings about today. It was the worst in school and I got so upset I had to think about my breathing, like ten times.
But then I got away from that horrid place, went home to my God Father Jaan´s, and that was really amazing. I showed him my first zine ever made, called Glitter Zine #1, and I think he liked it, or he was just being very nice.
He lend me his book about i-D. Splendid afternoon.

Here´s some of my stuff that i really like. Don´t quite know why i chose to shoot it, but I did anyways.

So basically, what materialistic me is showing is my Nail polish, perfume, the book i lent, American Apparel gift card, Frida Kahlo necklace, book about reversed gender roles, Twin Peaks box and flowercrown. Most of the stuff are gifts.

And here comes a somewhat pleasant Stockholm pic.

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